Three Galaxy Integrated Resorts hotels win gold for sustainability

Three hotels win gold

Banyan Tree Macau, JW Marriott Hotel Macau and Ritz-Carlton Macau at the Galaxy Integrated Resorts precinct have all earned the Macao Green Hotel “Gold” 2019 Award from The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) and the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) for their commitment to sustainability. This award, valid for three years, recognizes the ongoing efforts and contributions made to efficiently manage energy, waste, natural resources and food waste. 

This is the first time for both JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton Macau to receive the Gold award, having won Silver in 2016. For Banyan Tree Macau, this marks the second time for the hotel to receive this honor, having previously earned Gold in 2016. 

The Gold award is only given to hotels that achieve at least 80% of the environmental measures required by the DSPA. Assessment is based on three key criteria. The first is “Green Leadership and Innovation” which examines the level of commitment from the hotel’s senior management in its pursuit of environmental objectives and how the hotel proactively encourages team members to participate. The second criteria, “Green Programme and Performance”, analyzes the effectiveness of the hotel’s environmental programs throughout all aspects of its daily operations. The third is “Partner Synergy” which examines how the hotel encourages its suppliers and contractors to apply environmental practices within their own operations as well. 


Banyan Tree Macau, JW Marriott Hotel Macau and Ritz-Carlton Macau at the Galaxy Integrated Resorts precinct have all earned the Macao Green Hotel “Gold” 2019 Award.

Galaxy Integrated Resorts drives sustainability

Hotels all across the integrated resort precinct continue to elevate their environmental standards for guests and team members. In place of plastic bottled water, more hotels are opting to serve water in glasses. Water dispensers are placed beside hotel pools and in back-of-house team member areas. Food waste composters are now commonplace at hotels to help significantly reduce the amount of food being thrown away. Recycle bins can be found in guestrooms, public washrooms and back-of-house. Hotels have also partnered together to host a “Charity Sale” for Fu Hong Society. All proceeds received from the sale of recycled bathroom amenities have been donated to Fu Hong. 


Top 10 GICC Green Goals

GICC, as a responsible new MICE player in Macau when it opens in 2021, is already taking bold and ambitious steps with these top 10 GICC Green Goals:

  1. Sustainably Designed. GICC has been specifically designed to house its own highly efficient “Energy Centre”, a centralized chilled water supply and a 110kV power substation for not only GICC, but for the entire Galaxy Integrated Resorts precinct. 
  2. Saving Energy & Emissions. GICC will be the first building in Macau to feature Real Time Energy Management for monitoring energy consumption. In its first year, GICC aims to contribute an additional 2 – 3% of savings for Galaxy Integrated Resorts.
  3. Conserving Water. Reducing water consumption is another important goal for GICC. The events center will feature low-flow, sensor activated water fixtures to reduce water wastage by 30%.
  4. Waste Management. In partnership with Coca-Cola, Galaxy Integrated Resorts is giving plastic bottles a second life. All PET water bottles are processed into food grade plastic pellets and recycled into new bottles to reduce the carbon footprint by 63%. 
  5. Sustainable Dining. Sustainable sourcing and promoting healthy dining are at the core of the culinary team’s green goals for GICC.  Single-use plastic products will not be used; sustainable seafood will be sourced; Green Menus will be introduced and more.
  6. Environmentally Friendly Transportation. In an effort to significantly lower the carbon footprint, GICC has been strategically built in a location that is easily accessible by the Macao Light Rapid Transit (LRT), by electric shuttle bus or by foot. 
  7. “Green Engage” – GICC has formed its own sustainability team called “Green Engage” to drive the venue’s sustainability program and engage employees in green events designed to protect the environment. 
  8. Sustainability Awards. GICC has been designed to align with “Gold Certification” requirements from Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). GICC is also built in accordance with EarthCheck’s Building Planning and Design Standards. 
  9. Nurturing the Next Generation. GICC will build on existing partnerships with the Macau Management Association (MMA) to organize GEG Youth Achievement Program (YAP) initiatives. YAP gives talented young individuals from Macau the opportunity to learn more about the MICE industry. 
  10. Cultivating Local Partners. GICC will carry on the Galaxy Integrated Resorts’ tradition of supporting SMEs. In future, through GICC, our in-house team of creative event planners – EVENT STUDIO – will collaborate with local SMEs to create business events. 


The GICC “Green Engage” team

The role of the “Green Engage” environmental team at GICC is to make sure all of the green goals are carried out, and to encourage team members to take an active part in environmental efforts. 

This team will also support the group’s Environmental Committee, Energy Management Committee and CSR initiatives throughout the Galaxy Integrated Resorts precinct. Together, they will educate employees about how to reduce waste, water and energy consumption at work, while also encouraging them to continue carrying out these best practices in the community. GICC’s commitment to sustainability is for the good of the planet, our guests of today and for future generations to come. That is why “Sustainability for Good” is our philosophy. 


Galaxy Integrated Resorts has implemented a number of measures to promote and enhance team members’ awareness of energy conservation – The “Sustainable Food Day”, coupled with the “Let’s Go Green” vegetarian activity, allowed team members to experience green dining.

We aim to deliver long-lasting environmental benefits for the community of Macau and the Greater Bay Area as a whole by thoughtfully sourcing responsible produce, serving nutritional ingredients on our green menus, supporting local SMEs who are responsible and much more.

We understand the need to act now, and that is why GICC is addressing sustainability well ahead of its opening. Our objective is to create a truly sustainable venue for event planners to host events well into the future. 

To book your next event at a destination committed to sustainability, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +853 8883 1628.

Three Galaxy Integrated Resorts hotels win gold for sustainability